Ashton Martin to ashing kusher

The pusher steadily killing

I’m willing to be the hero

Zero title I’m claiming

And aiming bullets at bodies

In lobbies rich politicians

The competition cuthroat

As a quote of an iron lung

That hung under Jada’s breast

Incest stirring the fire

Desire burning the thighs

Defy the force of nature

Like bakers of crystal meth

Taste the death of Sleepy Hollow

Swallow a Sweeney pie

Lie in arms of another

Lover you never had

Sad in his eyes you are

A star fallen from heaven

Eleven homies, one traitor

The maker of your demise

Rise again from the grave

A slave never again

The friend I call enemy

Ina me is the demon

That leaving its semen stains

Your brain is mindfucked

When it stuck the tip of the rifle

An idle mind is wasted

The sensation of loss

The cost of falling in love…

-T0ne M