I’d like to take this moment to say thank you. 

Thank you Aviv for allowing me to throw my release show! Your space is just incredible and you were more than accommodating with getting everything organized in such a short time. By far the best place I’ve performed. I can’t wait to rock out again with you all!

Thank you elteodorochetthoughts, naajidahc, and nightowlsocialclub for sharing the stage with me! You all just astound me with your talent and stage presence! To watch you all was a treat, a blessing, and just an experience! I felt like I was at your show respectively! I cannot express how grateful I am to know and call you my friends, old and new!

Thank you everyone that could make it out! I tried to hug as many of you as I could (I’m a hugger. Blame it on my mother). I’m glad I could share my CREED with you all and hope you found inspiration in the music. That is my aim. That is my purpose. 

Thank you to anyone who has purchased or at least, listened to CREED one good time. As an artist, there really is no guarantee in this line of work unless you make it. I’ve always dedicated myself to the music and art I create, doing my best to give beyond my best no matter what. I hope that my work resonates with you and leave y’all with a little more than you came with…

Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!

God bless y’all and always #FollowYourCREED!